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"What an absolute fantastic entrance for a wedding! You out did every wedding for a grand entrance. Cant wait to work with you again!"

Tascon Photography. November 2016

"We loved every minute of it. Highly recommended. Thank you."

Debbie. January 2017

"Thank you Emma and Mick for the amazing experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it   :) 

Kirsty. May 2017

"Absolutely amazing, this is the best way to see our beautiful park and breathtaking coast. Thank You."

Bev. May 2017

"Throughout my career as a photographer I have had many opportunities to shoot from helicopters. Mick and West Coast Heli Scene are as good as it gets! Putting me exactly where I wanted to be in challenging conditions and making my job easy. I can't wait to fly with West Coast Heli Scene again." 

Jason Wolcott.  January 2018

Jason Wolcott Photography

Freedom Kite Magazine

"Today we went on a helicopter ride from Yanchep. We had a great time! Even got to go over our house, our 4 yr old loved it! Definitely recommend it! Also, very friendly people, thanks heaps."

Amber. April 2017

"Awesome experience! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a great time up in the sky."

Vicky. April 2017

"Awesome fun, makes  me want to get my  pilots licence."

Ashley. April 2017

"Cheers Mick and Emma for a wicked time in the R44, such a lovely piece of machinery and great professionalism! Totally recommend to anyone."

Simon. April 2017

"Every-one do this! Great experience and the owners at West Coast Helicopter Scene are so friendly. Highly recommend it for individuals or a family outing. After the ride you get to enjoy all that Yanchep National Park has to offer. Lots of fun! We loved it!"

Lisa. Sept 2017

"What an EPIC way to start a Sunday. Exceptional flying & great hosts. Will definitely fly again!" 

Jaiden. October 2017

"Thanks for the tour guys! Awesome first experience for me going up in a chopper!"

Shuvon. October 2017

"I couldn't wipe the smile of little mates face. A big thanks to Mick and Emma. Made the day up at Yanchep National Park worth it."

Clay. October 2017

"I’m a researcher with the Centre for Mine Site Restoration, based out of Curtin University. Recently, in conjunction with the CSIRO we conducted an experiment monitoring the plant stress response to water scarcity in mine site restoration that involved both surface level and aerial monitoring of a restored mine site. The aerial monitoring was carried out by means of a remote sensing pod mounted on a helicopter flown by West Coast Heliscene and I couldn’t be happier with their work. Mick was an extremely competent pilot who easily coped with the difficult technical flying required for the low level surveying, which was compounded by the tricky airspace situation – of the two sites, one was in the controlled airspace around Perth airport and one was in the military restricted zone surrounding the Pearce airbase. Despite these difficulties and other demands of scientific work the flights were conducted perfectly and I would have no hesitations in hiring the team again for future work."

Todd Buters, CMSR. April 2018

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